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About Us

About us

Welcome to Greenfields Website

We are here to help you succeed, so just relax and keep learning, as you surf through our rich and educative website. As much as we are passionate about your success, we don’t comprise on quality education. Most people believe opportunities are limited in supply, but at Greenfields we create opportunities for success! How do we achieve this? Firstly, we ‘unlock’ your potentials! We believe every child is unique, with some deposits of hidden talents & potentials. These talents needs to be explored, identified & ‘unlocked’ for greater success!
Secondly, we open doors to Global Opportunities! With our Global Network of reputable partner schools, colleges & universities,


we provide a formidable platform to launch your Global career! Global Opportunities are ‘lock-up’ in Global Spaces. Students need access to these opportunities, in other to launch their Global Careers. At Greenfields, we help you open doors to Global Opportunities & Unlimited Possibilities.

Choosing the right course, university or destination is one of the most important decisions in your life - we will help you to make the right decision. Also, we will advise you on destination – UK, Canada, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, Europe or the USA - and we will help you to choose the right course taking into account your academic ability, funds and career aspirations, proximity, cultural issues, social lifestyles etc.

In addition, we will help you obtain offer from our network of partner colleges and universities, as well as ensure your smooth travel from Nigeria to your study destination.

We believe your future starts now, right here, just a CLICK away. We hope you’d find the information on our website rich & interesting! Thank you very much for making out time, to surf our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for FREE counselling & Pre-assessment.


Our Vision

A leading brand in quality & innovative world class educational consulting in Africa.


Our Mission

We strongly believe education is a ‘transformational journey’. Our mission is to promote quality lifelong learning in a very supportive environment that motivates students to be independently confident and responsible global citizens. As an organization, we keep our promise. We are driven by quality, integrity & passion for excellence – no compromise!


Our Core Values

At Greenfields we are very passionate about your success through quality education, excellence, integrity, responsibility, friendship and mutual respect for both our staffs, parents and students. No matter the circumstance we don’t compromise on quality. We keep our promise. We have built a strong reputation over the years - our parents, students and network of global partners ‘rely on our judgments’. Our professional advice are based on ‘honestly & transparency’. We are ‘highly trusted’ by our international partners and parents. Our students are encouraged to think creatively and independently, as we unlock their potentials, we create global opportunities for our students to succeed.


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