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At Greenfields Higher Education we offer quality services in an efficient, diligent and timely manner. We are swift in our processes. These has been our key selling points for over 10 years. We have made it our business to provide valuable educational services to our clients. We provide completely free consultations, free counselling and free preassessment to both our students and their parents. We are here to help you succeed through the entire journey. The turn-around time for our application is usually less than 48 hours, and we have a very high success rate both in our applications to schools as well as our visa applications. We are very happy to help you in every stage of your transition process. Our services include the following:


Free Education Counselling:

We offer 100% free educational counselling to all students and their parents. We explain how the overseas education system works and we match their qualification to a suitable program and country. This will help them in navigating the system successfully.


Direct Placement of Students into Foreign Schools:

We have built solid working relationships with our affiliate schools; thus, we are able to offer prospective students a speedy application process into any of our top affiliate institutions.


Immigration & Travel Advice:

We provide specialist immigration service, guidance & travel advice to our students prior to their visa applications and departure abroad.


Student Visa Documentation & Applications:

We After securing admission into our partner school abroad, Greenfields can assist you with student visa application. We have a team of specialists to support and guide you through the entire process. We ensure quality documentation, visa application and submission. If you have an admission offer, please send an email with your offer letter to greenfields.resources@consultant.com to request for our visa application contract.


Direct Visitors Visa Documentation & Application:

We can also help parents & families who wish to accompany their wards to school, so as to help them settle down to both academic and social life abroad, secure appropriate visit visas for the duration of their visits.


Student Accommodation and hotel reservations:

We also help our students secure and book quality accommodation in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Dublin, United Kingdom, Canada, and USA etc. Also we help parents, families and friends reserve short stay and hotel accommodation during their visit abroad.


Flight bookings:

We make flight arrangements for our clients and offer chaperoned travelling services to all of our clients who wish to take advantage of this service, giving parents the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their children/wards are being accompanied on the flight by a responsible adult.


Airport pick up & Orientation:

Upon arrival abroad, we liaise with the schools for meet and greet as well as airport pick to their homestay and various accommodation. Our students are well equipped with basic and necessary information needed for a smooth transition into academic and social life abroad. .


International Summer Camps & Tours:

With our network of highly trusted partners based in Brighton, Oxford, London, Dublin and Dubai we organize the young learners’ summer camp during the months of July & August each year. We also organize bespoke summer camps and tours flexible enough to accommodation different students and parents throughout the summer.


Merit-based scholarships offered annually:

In consultation with our network of partner schools, various merit-based scholarships are offered to our students each year. Please visit the scholarship section of our website for details on availability and how to apply for scholarships.


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